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Speaker technology these days is amazing. The amount of punch you are able to achieve out of small packages can be mind blowing. If you are on the hunt for the loudest portable speaker, we've selected the best options available on the market today.

It's the Loudest with a Sound Quality Ideal for Outdoors The Soundboks 2 made it to #1 in my list of the loudest portable speakers at a volume of 122 dBs. And crazy though it sounds the volume knob goes up to 11. Go figure. But does this come at the expense of sound quality? Are there any other sacrifices made to produce that loud sound?

It is a challenge to find the Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers that can illuminate a room or your backyard. Music brings life to every social gathering, so having the right speaker is a must. Fortunately, we have written this manual for the loudest Bluetooth speakers so that you can easily choose the right one.

The loudest bluetooth speakers on the market in 2018 come in varying shapes in sizes. But the best ones out there blast out heavy decibels without breaking a sweat.

The speaker boosted vocals well and it got loud without distorting. An LED ring pulses as it plays —which was fun for a while but then became distracting. Zosam's Portable Bluetooth Wireless

Finding Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars sound good, but Monoprice, a company that sells different kinds of technology, has great, quality, with loud volume speakers that allow you to take it anywhere and which you can typically get at under $35.