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Adam's Car Wash Shampoo - pH Neutral Soap Formula For Safe, Spot Free Cleaning - Thick

Proudly crafted in the USA, this state of the art Ultra Foam Car Wash Shampoo is specially formulated to be the best foaming car wash soap that you have ever used. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and believe that this is THE BEST professional Ultra Foam Car Shampoo on the market!

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Car shampoo is an essentials cleaning product for any car owner. What we can do? Providing touchless car wash shampoo formula for you make cleaning agent.

The pH level of your car wash soap formula is a factor of the formula's acidity or alkalinity. Most soaps have some level of alkalinity to them that aid in the breaking up of dirt and other solid materials that may have an acidic nature to them (such as bird droppings).

Name PREMIUM CAR WASH SHAMPOO No. 926 Description This premium car wash contains Amine Oxide, which will produce large amount of foam and stabilizes foam during the wash process. Formulation INGREDIENTS : Deionized Water Sodium Hydroxide, 50% solution BIO-SOFT® S-101 AMMONYX® CDO SPECIAL Preservative Dye Fragrance % by Weight q.s. to 100.0 5.4 20.6 10.0 q.s.

To get started in car-shampoo making, you will need roughly P3,000 in initial capital. You will need it to purchase the ingredients, utensils, and equipment listed below. STEP 1: Pour the de-ionized water in the mixing bowl and heat on medium fire until it becomes steaming hot. With the use of a